SSDB – Part 7. ETL – Splitting and Merging Columns

There are specific transformations that you will likely use more than others, and learning how to program these will make creating any ETL process easier......... READ/VIEW VIDEO.................


TSQL – Part 1(d) – Working with NULLS

NULL is used to indicate an unknown or missing value. NULL is not equivalent to zero or an empty string. Arithmetic or string. CLICK to READ ....


TSQL – Part 1(c) – Data Types

Transact-SQL supports a wide range of data types, which can be broadly categorized as exact numeric, approximate numeric, character, date/time, binary, and other. CLICK TO READ...................


TSQL – Part 1(b) – SELECT statement

Use the SELECT statement to retrieve a rowset of data from tables and views in a database.. CLICK TO READ --------------


TSQL – Part 1(a) – Introduction to Transact SQL

Transact-SQL is an essential skill for database professionals and developers working with Microsoft SQL Server. CLICK to READ -----------------