Big Data Series

IOT: Internet of things

Big Data – IOT

Big data generated by machines. It’s everywhere and there’s a lot.

If you look at all sources of big data, machine data is the largest
source of big data. This complex data sensing capability smart and called as smart data.

A smart phone gives you a way to track many things, including your geo-location, and connect you to other things. So what makes a smart device smart, smart? Generally speaking, There are three main properties of smart devices based on what they do with sensors and things they encapsulate. They can connect to other devices or networks, they can execute services and collect data autonomously, that means on their own, they have
some knowledge of the environment. The widespread availability of the smart devices and their inter-connectivity led to a new term,
The Internet of Things.

Think of a world of smart devices at home, in your car, in the office, city, remote rural areas, the sky, even the ocean, all connected and all generating data.

As a summary, machines collect data 24/7 via their built-in sensors,
both at personal and industrial scales. And thus, they are the largest
of all the big data sources.

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