Relational Data Warehouse

6. Introduction to DWBI – Goals of Data Warehouse

Building a Data warehouse Purpose & Goals of Data Warehouse

Purpose & Goals of Data Warehouse:

  1. Focus on fundamentals before delving into details of modeling and implementation.
  2. Listen to the Business and understand the goals and current pain points in reporting the business needs.
  3. The Data warehouse must make the organizational information readily available and accessible at the fingertips of the users.
  4. Changes in the business need and goals are inevitable; So, the Data warehouse must be adaptive and resilient to the changes.

  5. The Data Warehouse must present clean, consistent, and credible data to the users.
  6. The Data warehouse must effectively control access to the confidential organizational information.
  7. The Data warehouse must server the name; Decision support system by providing the right data and timely data for the business impact and value.
  8. The success of the Data warehouse depends on the acceptance and the trust of the business community of the Data warehouse data

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