Relational Data Warehouse

5. Introduction to DW&BI – ETL Extract Transform and Load

ETL – Extract Transform & Load

Extract Transform and Load:

ETL means Extract, Transform, and Load. ETL is a process combined with technology. Using this process data is extracted from all sources, and depending on the user requirements the data is transformed for reporting needs, and finally, data loaded into the Data warehouse.

ETL is a specific industry standard to bring data from one or more sources and then copied to the data warehouse. Data consolidated when dealing with large volumes of data and multiple source systems. ETL is the process used to migrate data from one source to another. ETL is a required technical process to clean, transform, convert formats, and load data between data marts and data warehouses.

Extract process:

An extract is the process of reading data from a database. In the process, the data staged by collecting data from disparate sources.

Transformation process:

Transformation is the process, where the staged data go through the cleaning process to make the data in the required format for the reporting need. Transformation process helps in incorporating business rules, combine data from different sources, and build the data in the user necessary forms.

Load process:

The cleaned data requires storage in a particular format for the reporting purpose and future need. The load process helps in the storage of the data on the Database in a specific format depending on the method or model used by the business.

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