Big Data Series

SSIS – Part 1. ETL – Creating an SSIS Project and Package

If you are a SQL programmer, you understand the code you create and can visualize each action the code performs. That does not mean that your co-workers or consulting customers understand your code. Indeed, you may even forget your own visualization, if you haven’t worked on it for a while.

This can make the maintenance of the ETL process more difficult. And the greater the amounts of ETL processing you do the more difficult it is to visualize and coordinate the programmatic flow of your SQL statements, and the more difficult it is to explain it to others on the team.

SSIS is a platform that helps with the visualization process as well as maintenance. SSIS can perform various tasks pertaining to data collection and automate processes.

SSIS Packages

The Integration Services Project template uses one starter SSIS package that contains the programming instructions for your ETL process. One or more SSIS packages can make up an SSIS project. SSIS packages are literally code files, and the code within an SSIS package is programmed using a designer user interface (UI).

The designer is organized into 5 tabs. The Control Flow and the Data Flow tabs are used most often. In this module, we will discuss the Control Flow tab.

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