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OLE DB SOURCE (continuation of SSIS Package Data Source Part 1)

  1. Now we are at point and ready to select a source. As per this example we will be selecting a data source which is a Database -> Table.
    1. Double click on the OLE DB Source
    2. <Click the drop down> on OLEDB Connection Manager
      1. You may not see anything if your connecting the first time so< click cancel>
      2. Click <NEW>

      3. Click again <NEW>
      4. Server Name enter < Localhost>
      5. Click on the DATABASE NAME drop Down and select Adventure Works.

      6. Click Test connection and Click OK

      7. Now you will be back to the OLED DB Source Editor
        1. Here select Data Access Mode -> Table or View using the drop down
        2. Select Name of the Table from the Drop down(Ex: Human Resources.Employee)

        3. Now go to the <Columns> on the left Panel on OLE DB Source Editor
          1. Here you will see a list of all available columns from the Table for use
          2. Either select all columns or select just what is required
          3. For performance select only required columns
          4. In this example let us leave all columns

        4. Now Click on <Error Output> on the OLEDB Source Editor
          1. The purpose of this component is to specify SSIS the action on Error/Truncation
          2. Either you can fail the component or you can ignore or redirect the row to a temp file for further investigation
          3. In this example we will leave the default as Fail Component
          4. CLICK OK
        5. Now you will be back to the OLE DB Source.
          1. Name of the process does not provide information about the actual process and this may confuse the developer while editing in the future.
          2. So let us provide with the meaningful name rather using it as OLE DB Source
            1. The process connect to Adventure works. Human Resource. Employees
            2. So let us call this SRC AW HR Employees or SRC Emp.

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