Big Data Series

SSIS Data Source part 1

Package Creation

Create a fresh SSIS package and it should resemble the following screen shot.

You should be able to see Solution Explorer, SSIS Tool Box, and the Package Design Tab with (Control Flow, Data Flow, and Parameters etc.)

We will start with some commonly used tools to get a glimpse of usage and purpose.

Control Flow

  1. Make sure Control Flow <Tab> is highlighted otherwise click the Control Flow tab to highlight.
  2. Data Flow Task: Once you create a Package.dtsx as the following you will be able to see the SSIS Tool box on the left hand corner or depends the user placement of the tool. The following example show the Toolbox (Left), Control Flow (Center) and Solution Explorer (right)




Data Flow

  1. Now drag and drop the Data Flow Task to the Control Flow.
    1. The purpose of the Data Flow Task is to provide a tool for the Data flow from external data sources
    2. Then process the data depending on the business logic and write the results to the Destination.

  2. You can re-name the Data Flow Task to friendly name.
    1. Right click on the Data Flow Task and Click Rename
  3. As you can see we are currently on the Control Flow TAB.
    1. To add the Business logic to extract data from external sources and write into a different destination.
    2. We need to construct the logic as follows.
    3. Now double click on the DFT and this will open the DATA FLOW <TAB> for us to construct the Logic.

    4. You will also see SSIS Toolbox with different tools that can used for selecting the <Data Sources> , < Transformation Tools> and <Destinations> check the following screen

    5. The above are the commonly used tools.

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