Big Data Series




Problem: How to load multiple files CSV or Text files using SSIS packages. When there are multiple files to load using SSIS it is very difficult and cumbersome to add one by one and load the data to table.

Solution: There is way to use the CONNETION MANAGER to create a connection for multiple file load.

Screen shots:

  1. Go to the required package where you want to add the step for loading the files.
  2. Right click in the Connection Manager and select <NEW CONNECTION>
  3. That should bring the following screen.
  4. Select MULTIFLATFILE and Click ADD.
  5. In the next screen click on BROWSE button and select the folder where all the *.CSV or *.TXT files resides
  6. Note: Select at least 1 file ex: abc.csv and then change in the BROWSE as \Folder1\Folder2\*.CSV
  7. Select the FORMAT as required in my cased it is Delimited
  8. Click the COLUMNS in the left Window. It should come up with the data in a proper format. If not there is some problem with the format of the data and the way you specifying in the properties on the above screen. Otherwise you should see the following                :
  9. You can preview the data by clicking on the PREVIEW from the left window.
  10. IF everything is fine then CLICK OK and the connection Manager should have the connection for using accessing the files.

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