Big Data Series

DWBI and Extract Transform Load

Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence:

A true Business Intelligence passes through a Data warehouse and utilizes the data-stored for information, knowledge and plans that produce profitable business actions. So, Business Intelligence is a combination of process, technology, and a tool. This means, Business Intelligence encompasses Data warehouse, Tools and Visual knowledge management.

                                                                     DW BI CYCLE


Among all, the Date warehouse plays a vital role by providing data to the high-profile tools for user interaction. The background role of Data Warehouse hides it significance because, BI solution vendors does not emphasize its role.  

Technically speaking, it is not necessary to have a Data warehouse to create a BI environment. However, it is the experience BI world is that, without a Data Warehouse the Visual tools can creates silos, confusion, incorrect representation of data and scattered reports & projects.

Data Warehouse Fundamentals:

Data Warehousing is a process of creating a permanent repository by collecting the data from operational data sources. This Data warehouse stores or duplicates the data stored in the Enterprise but, the data residing in the Data warehouse is a historical snapshot and refined for Enterprise Analytics and reports.

Data Warehouse typically:

o    Resides on dedicated servers or computers

o    Runs on a database management systems

o    Retains historical data from source

o    Data is consolidated

o    Built on a data model that facilitates faster data entry and data retrieval


ETL Extract Transfrom and Load:

ETL means Extract Transform and Load. ETL is a process combined with technology. Using this process data is extracted from all sources and depending on the user requirements the data is transformed for reporting needs and finally data is loaded into the Data warehouse

                                                                ETL PROCESS

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