Big Data Series

Creating a Simple Package


Creating a Simple Package


Now, let us look at looking at the Solution Explorer. If you don’t see the Solution explorer in the right hand corner please click VIEW and from the drop down list select SOLUTION EXPLORER.

To change the name of the package right click and rename to FirstPackage.dtsx


The purpose of this module is to bring data from external data source and save into a file. We will use the FirstPackage.dtsx for this purpose.

Currently we are on the following screen. We will utilize the Connection Manager, Control Flow and Dataflow for this purpose.

Click on SSIS TOOL BOX if available on the left hand side Tabs. If it is not part of the Tabs then, select VIEW from the Menu at the top of IDE. From the list select SSIS TOOL BOX.

SSIS TOOL BOX provides specific tools for Control Flow and Data Flow. Select DATA FLOW TASK from the list then drag and drop the item into the package main window while being on the Control Flow. Connection Manager is already created and connected to Adventure Works. The screen should appear as follows.


Data Flow Task Connection String

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